About Us

We are full service of Indonesian Law Firm, and provides comprehensive legal services to Companies and Individuals.

Legal Services For Companies:

We are provides comprehensive legal services to Companies as follows:
• Corporate & Commercial,
• Alternative Dispute Resolution & Litigation,
• Labor & Immigration,
• Intellectual Property Rights,
• Debt Recovery/Collection,
• Research On Laws/Regulations,
• Company Search/Investigation.

Our particular areas of practice and expertise include the following:

1. Corporate & Commercial

  • we are provides legal service in the form of consultation, contracts drafting, legal due diligence, legal opinion, negotiating, in relation to establish a joint venture, merger, take-over, dissolution of a company, sale-purchase of company assets, corporate restructuring, public offering (go public), and others.
  • we are provides legal services in establishing a limited liability company (PT), domestic capital investment and foreign capital investment (PT PMA), partnership, foundations, International Non Government Organization and cooperatives.
  • we are provides a corporate secretarial services in arranging of all company document including deeds of incorporation, amendments to the company articles of association, and others.

2. Alternative Dispute Resolution & Litigation

we provide superior and unrelenting advocacy. Despite the fact that our lawyers have a proven record of courtroom success, we also routinely use mediation, moderated settlement and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to achieve our Clients’ goals. We recognize, however, that the best result for our Clients is achieving litigation goals with the highest quality legal services, on time, at a reasonable cost.

We represents the Clients from the level of District Court, High Court and Supreme Court in the various fields of law.

3. Labor & Immigration

We are provides legal service in handling manpower, which includes the drafting or reviewing work contract/agreement, company regulations or collective labor agreement, advising on termination of employment and other labor problems in general and arranging for work permit, visas, and other documents related to immigration affairs.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

Indonesia is significantly revising the intellectual property right laws in order to meet the international standards. Our team of IPR will help our Clients in handling the cases of IPR registration and protection.

5. Debt Recovery/Collection

We are provides legal service in connection with problems of collecting owed money, both directly and indirectly, from parties that are obliged to pay/ settle their obligations; and or to collect due payment domestically or abroad.

6. Research On Laws/Regulations

We Are  provides legal service in conducting legal research with respect to client’s inquiries based on the prevailing laws and regulations of Indonesia and will issue our legal advice/opinion in the form of Legal Memorandum/Opinion.

7. Company Search/Investigation

We are provides legal service in conducting company search/investigation with respect to client’s Inquiries and will issue a Company Search Report.

Legal Services For Individuals

We Are provides comprehensive legal services to Individual as follows:
• Criminal Law
• Debt Collection
• Family Law
• Affidavit
• Personal Injury Case
• Prepaid Legal Services (consultation, contracts drafting, etc)

Areas Of Practice Based On Related Laws

1. Administrative Law and Constitutional Law.
2. Agrarian Law
3. Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation, Negotiation, Conciliation).
4. Antitrust Law.
5. Arbitration.
6. Aviation Law.
7. Bankruptcy and Corporate Insolvency Law.
8. Banking and Finance Law.
9. Capital Market Law.
10. Civil and Commercial Litigation.
11. Communication and Media Law.
12. Customs and Immigration Law.
13. Construction Law.
14. Consumer Law.
15. Debt Collection.
16. Employment Law.
17. Environmental Law.
18. Family Law (Divorce, Prenuptial Agreement, Marriage Registration, Child Custody, Adoption, will, succession inheritance of ancestral property).
19. Foreign Investment Law.
20. General Corporate Law.
21. International Joint Venture Law.
22. Information Technology and Telecommunication Law.
23. Intellectual Property Law.
24. Insurance Law.
25. Licensing and Franchising Agreement.
26. Merger and Acquisition.
27. Natural Resources and Mining Law.
28. Oil and Gas Law.
29. Property Law
30. Real Estate Transaction Law.
31. Securities Law.
32. Shipping Law.
33. Telecommunications Law.
34. Transportation Law.
35. White Collar Crime.


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